Indeed, he was buried inside a reception hall that he himself had built in Awja, without a fuss. Indeed, he was buried inside a reception hall that he himself had built in Awja, without a fuss.
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Where did the body of Saddam Hussein disappear?

Where did the body of the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein disappear? After his grave was blown up in the town of Awja and 12 years of his execution.

Iraqis believed that three did not end, the war with Iran, the siege, Saddam Hussein, and after the fall of Baghdad in the hands of US forces in 2003, began the search for Saddam Hussein, who was out of sight for about eight months.

On December 30, 2006, the execution of the Iraqi president was carried out by hanging, coinciding with the first day of Eid al-Adha.

On the same night, the Iraqi government forced the family of Saddam, who took over the body, to bury him quickly in his village "without delay for any reason," according to an official document.

Indeed, he was buried inside a reception hall that he himself had built in Awja, without a fuss.

Later, the tomb of Saddam Hussein became a shrine for the people of his village and relatives, even for school trips and some poets who came and gave poems in his heir.

Iraqi sources say that the tomb was destroyed by Iraqi army aircraft after the entry of the state organization to Awja in 2014, after the fighters were stationed inside the hall.

But the grassroots factions say that the Islamic state organization is the one who broke the grave and blew it up.

The story of the explosion is confirmed by Sheikh Manaf Ali al-Nada, the leader of the clan of the Bunaser, from which Saddam is descended. "The tomb was blown up and then blown up," he said without elaborating the perpetrators. "We do not know anything about the ouja since we left."

The dew explains that Al-Ouja today is completely empty of its inhabitants, guarded by fighters of the popular crowd factions, and is forbidden to enter it except by special permission.

Saddam's clan and relatives left the village "forcibly" according to al-Nada, who is afraid of returning if allowed.

The tomb of Saddam Hussein remains controversial, but the question now is: Where is the body? Who took it? How was it withdrawn?

The current body position remains unknown. There are those who say: "We heard stories that one of his relatives came in four-wheel drive cars and exhumed the grave to avenge his uncle and father, who were killed by Saddam.

"Yes, we think the body is still here," he says, close to an iron witness reading "Saddam's tomb was here."

In the courtyard outside the tomb, the graves of Saddam's sons, Uday and Qusay, and one of his grandsons, as well as his cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid, who was a presidential adviser and official in the Baath party, were supposed to have no effect.

This mystery generates many rumors. Outside the mausoleum, one of the crowd's fighters whispers, "There is a story that Saddam's daughter, Hala, came on a private plane to the village and pulled her father's body away and took her to Jordan."

But one of the people familiar with the case in the region told AFP on condition of anonymity that "this novel is baseless and unfounded, originally a solution did not come to Iraq."

However, a relative of the clan, who was once a governor, confirmed that "the body of the president was transferred to a secret location, and it is not possible to know the place or persons who took him."

And that the tomb was not bombed but was blown up, pointing out that "his father's grave, at the entrance to Tikrit, was also blown up."

Saddam's body, if it exists or not, is the same for the Iraqis, who are still teasing some who believe that "Saddam may return, expect anything from him."

Until a short while, Abu Sarmad, a Baghdad resident, is convinced of the famous story that "Saddam was not executed, who was killed like him!"

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