Channels will broadcast the World Cup Russia 2018 Channels will broadcast the World Cup Russia 2018
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Channels will broadcast the World Cup Russia 2018

News Vision: Some channels of the World Cup are encrypted or open.

Qatar's BNSports Group (encrypted)

All the games will be transferred exclusively and daily media coverage in encrypted form, and you find them in satellites "Arabsat", "Suhail Sat", "Nile Sat" and "Astra".

Bout Out QSport Saudi Arabia (pitted and open)

The new Saudi media group has announced the transfer of the entire World Cup to all Arab fans in an open way to break the piracy of the World Cup, Saudi channels are broadcast on the Arab Sat satellite.

German channels (open)

Some of the German channels broadcast the World Cup games on the Hotbord or Astra satellite legally and open, after receiving the rights to broadcast matches after a long struggle with exclusive rights channels. These channels are "zdf", "arte" and "das erste".

French channels (encrypted)

Some French channels like "tf1" transmit some of the World Cup matches in an encrypted format, as they are difficult to pick up in Morocco. The channel has 22 games, most notably France and some strong games, the opening game and the semi-finals and the end. France's BN Spour also broadcasts all the games in an encrypted format, as it is part of the country's channel group "BNSports", one of the most important media groups in France.

Other channels

Moroccan television is trying to move the national team at least in the World Cup, on the ground, according to information "morning" negotiations are underway to give the Moroccan public a gift this weekend.

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