Tunisia organizes the World Cup for Clubs, for Fishing by diving Part of the press conference of the Organizing Committee of the World Cup for Clubs, for Fishing by diving in Tunisia, by: Awad Salam, June 25, 2018

Tunisia organizes the World Cup for Clubs, for Fishing by diving

Tunisia / Awad Salam / Tunisia is organizing its first African Championship, World Cup for Clubs, for Fishing by diving, in Bizerte, 65 km north of the capital, from 27 June to 1 July 2018, organized by the Tunisian Maritime Sports University, under the auspices of CMAS.

With the participation of 42 teams from 12 countries, including 12 Tunisian teams, some of which have been integrated into 8 teams, according to a press conference held by the regulatory body at the Bizerte Fishing Center in the presence of representatives of the Tunisian and Arab press in Tunisia.

The head of the Tunisian University of Maritime Sport, Fathi Beyar, said that all the material and logistical preparations have been well prepared in coordination with various central departments in the state of Bizerte and Bizerte Diving Club.

Beyar said 30 associations from Spain, Cyprus, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Algeria, Libya and San Maran had confirmed their participation in the global event hosted by the Bizerte coast.

Beyar explained that this is the first time that the International Confederation of Diving Activities of Tunisia granted a permit to hold such a demonstration. Bizerte was chosen because of the quality and quantity of fish it contains.

Fathi Beyar said that the efforts of the supervisory authority, the state and the state agencies have worked to support this demonstration and provided them with sufficient resources for the benefit that will accrue to the state and Tunisian tourism in general.

On the impact of such a demonstration on the environment or the Tunisian fishery, the president of the Tunisian University of Sportswear refuted this nonsense, pointing out that the exit of all the teams and what they catch by diving does not represent one percent of what one fishing boat earns.

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