Children cave Thailand and diseases that may be infected Children cave Thailand and diseases that may be infected
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Children cave Thailand and diseases that may be infected

The Thai football team, which has stayed at Tam Luang Cave for 17 days, is now in a sterile room, isolated from the outside world, separated by glass walls. Doctors prevented the sufferers from embracing or touching survivors before taking the necessary tests.

Even after completion, parents will not be allowed to approach their children for more than two meters, while visitors are wearing protective clothing, because these tropical caves are prone to germs and organisms that may kill those who are infected.

These caves are packed with amazing natural abundance of birds, bats and rats, some of them carrying microbes, not least of which cause cough, as well as the virus known as "Marburg" and other diseases caused by some fungi.

The deeper one deepens into these caves, the more one finds himself in a lost world where scorpions and poisonous spiders thrive, as well as many legs, where parasites thrive in what is known as "cave fever," a rare disease sometimes inflicted by people entering abandoned buildings.

The calcareous rocks of the cavern are covered by continuous water filtration, which leads to saturation of the cave with moisture, which is represented with non-renewable air and the bats are an ideal breeding environment for pathogenic fungi. Water collects on the ground as a mixture of mud and sludge,

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