American and British singers boycott the Israeli Meitar Festival Little Sims

American and British singers boycott the Israeli Meitar Festival

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, American singer Lana Del Rey, and her compatriots Henry Louvre, Volvox, Baiton, British musician Shanti Celeste and Swedish musician Seinfeld decided to boycott the Mayorer Festival in Upper Galilee for three days, including 50 performances by foreign artists and 50 Israeli musicals

Little Sims also joined those who boycotted the festival, writing on her own social networking page, saying:"After being informed by my fans, I realized that Palestinian-Israeli relations were more complex than I knew."

"Until I fully understand the situation, I announce my postponement of my trip to Israel, so I will not make an offer at the Meytur Festival."

The boycotts of the festival's singers come after appeals by the Palestinian Campaign for Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (BCPI), as well as letters from the famous British activist in the province Also Roger Waters.

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