Laila Ali Alami, a Muslim girl, veiled, of Somali origin Laila Ali Alami, a Muslim girl, veiled, of Somali origin
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Sweden: The election of the first veiled Muslim woman of Somali origin elected in parliament

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-Laila Ali Alami, a Muslim girl, veiled, of Somali origin, got 1,467 votes and all other Green Party candidates, five years after she joined the party, became a member of the Swedish parliament.

30-year-old Laila Ali Alami, the only veiled woman who will sit in the Swedish parliament and the first member of Somali origin. Although her fame in Swedish society came as a surprise and very fast, this was not the case with the Somali community in Sweden, To the Kingdom at the age of two years, known to the Somali community in Gothenburg where she worked as a translator and was helping migrants in their dealings with Swedish administrations.

Laila arrived in Sweden at the age of two and twelve years old was taken out of school to lead a rebellion against her family and come back to live with her mother after two years and diligently studying and works in cleaning houses and distribution of newspapers and then in translation, this journey of hard work and hard and commitment, .

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