The girl who was defeated in the street revolution and succeeded in the sexual transit revolution

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:-- The controversial Egyptian girl, Malk El-Kashef , appeared after she was arrested in 2018 and her case sparked public opinion in Egypt after she was discovered to be transgender.

She was arrested again in 2019, in the case known as 'March 1' for supporting calls to demonstrate against the Egyptian government, through a post on her Facebook social networking site.

Al-Kashef, even though she failed to revolt against the Egyptian government, announced that she had triumphed over society, in the case of sexual transit, from masculinity to femininity, as she announced on her official Facebook page.

The transgender, Malk El-Kashef, revealed that she had undergone a complete transformation, from the body of a man to a female.

Malk El-Kashef  announced the last operation of a long series of operations to complete the transition from one body to another.

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