"Pessimism" beliefs do not distinguish between communities, get to know each Beliefs about pessimism in Germany, Turkey, Vietnam, Brazil, South Korea, Spain, Britain, Poland, France, Russia, Sweden, Italy, and Japan

"Pessimism" beliefs do not distinguish between communities, get to know each

Every society, whatever the degree of culture or offer has a private belief about the "bad luck", or pessimism and superstition, and in this case, there is no difference between an intellectual or a limited culture, not between rich and poor, and between Western and Arabic.

Beliefs of bad luck do not depend on nationality, race, culture or religion.

Here are the strangest complexes around the pessimism:

1.Germany, do not congratulate anyone celebrate Christmas before the specified day, and the habit of the Germans may be due to the myth, which says that the demons that hijacks the hearing and cannot do anything that would prevent a security check Christmas holiday.

As in other cultures, it is that normal, there is nothing wrong to tell others "Merry Holiday", without distinction between the English and French and Russian.

2.Britain, if you see magpies in the road, you have to greet greets fragrant should be: "Good morning, Mr. Rattle, how is your wife today?" Only in this way, you can guarantee that it will not hit you bad luck or bad in the rest of your day.

The origin of this myth because the magpies usually in pairs, and the magpie solo refers to bad luck, and if you add this sentence "and one for sorrow, two for joy", you thus ensuring that the magpie may hold a friendship with you and will not steal anything from you later.

3.Poland, "Time is money" or "time is life," the deceased should be buried in the day before the Sunday following the death, and that does not happen, Death will choose one of the circle of this person.

4.France, the morning begins spider is the whole day g, and other animals can bring misfortunes and misery, what if a bird looked through the window to the inside of the house, nothing bad will happen.

The loaf of bread inverted may be attracted to the devil House quickly hand.

5.Turkey, if someone handed a knife or pair of scissors, then it means that you will later battling with this person, or that ye will become enemies in the future.

So should one should not handing anyone these purposes directly, but he can put it on a table or on the floor, instead of handling, and the other person to pick them up himself.

6.Russia, you should not return home, if you've forgotten something out of it anyway. You might say to yourself, "I forgot my bag and I want to travel and go out on a trip! Did I leave a bag full? And I say to myself, how I am forgetful, well, go back to the house again", but be sure to look at the road abroad again it is best that your tongue out of your image in the mirror.

7.Sweden, there are two types of coverings in manholes on the streets, those labeled A and other symbols tagged with the letter K.

See well where you step inside, and if stepped on those tagged with the letter A, it indicates bad luck, since a lot of bad words in the Swedish language beginning with the letter A.

8.Spain, if encountered on Tuesday, the date of 13 per month, it is considered a catastrophic days, so you should not travel or get married on this day.

9.Italy, on Friday, the seventeenth month is bad luck, so you should not do anything that day. The important thing is not to fall in this day any special events. If signed nevertheless special events, Pray to God not fall any misfortunes!

But if encountered suitable happening in this day and in order to avoid this disaster quickly: if you're a woman, just grab your right hand on the left chest and shaking slightly even bring luck, and if you're a man chronicled only your hands.

10.Brazil, is looking at the stars in the sky are allowed, because it makes some of the warts and pimples appear on the fingertips.

11.Japan, the numbers can make one's dead and those who are perishing in a moment counter.

For example, the number 4 is pronounced "shi", a word meaning death gives too, so one must avoid gifts consisting of four parts as much as possible, such as flowers, or a crew of four elements.

The residential houses take into account not be the fourth floor and there is no number four apartments in the numbers, but is counting jumping from number three to five direct, figure No. 9 bad well, it is pronounced "ku", also it means suffering.

12.South Korea, whistling at night brings bad luck, because that would draw the attention of the evil spirits into the esophagus.

But not wheezing at night is a serious matter, but may also be overwritten; if for example you used red pen and wrote one name wrong you so may hasten death, and the reason for this is due to the piles of wood or tombstones, or both in the graves of Buddhism written in red.

13.Vietnam, women should not be put to sleep a cosmetic powders; otherwise the demons will think she is one of them.

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