A Chinese mother discovers that her son’s wife is her daughter

April 07, 2021
Chinese bride discovered that her mother-in-law is her mother Chinese bride discovered that her mother-in-law is her mother

Dubai - Daily Times: - Like the Indian movies, but the story is true and Chinese, where the mother met her daughter during the marriage ceremony when she saw a tattoo on her body a few hours before she married her son, so that the bride discovered that her mother-in-law is her real mother.

The joy of marriage was not extinguished after the daughter's enemy to her mother after 20 years, but rather continued and the joy became two joys because the groom is also an adopted son, and therefore his bride is not his sister.

The story took place in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China, where the groom's mother saw tattoos on her daughter's body to come forward and ask her, "Are you an adoptive daughter", to bring the bride "yes".

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