A video of a group of women puts them in court in Dubai

April 05, 2021
Arrest of a women's network in Dubai on charges of breaching public morals Arrest of a women's network in Dubai on charges of breaching public morals

Daily Times: - Dubai Police arrested a women's network consisting of 10 women who filmed a video that violated public morals and were standing in the window of a building in Dubai, and it was spread on social media.

Dubai Police warned against "the practice of these reckless and offensive behaviors, which harm the values, customs and traditions of the UAE society."

Anyone who commits such acts that are offensive to public morals faces a penalty of imprisonment for a period not exceeding six months and a fine not exceeding five thousand dirhams or either of these two penalties.

The police said that the penalties include "anyone who uttered a plea or songs, shouted or made a speech contrary to morality, and anyone who openly tempted others into immorality by any means whatsoever."

In addition to other penalties that include “imprisonment and a fine of not less than 250 thousand dirhams and not in excess of 500 thousand dirhams, or one of the two penalties for anyone who creates, manages or supervises a website, broadcasts, sends, publishes, or reposts through the Internet pornographic materials or activities Gambling, and anything that might prejudice public morals. "

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