An Indian mother fainted after she saw her baby

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Vidisha District Hospital in Madhya Pradesh, Central India, received a 21-year-old mother, Babita Airwar, who fainted when she saw her baby. They watch.

`` During my 35-week pregnancy, my wife had an ultrasound, '' said Singh, an Indian worker.``The doctors told us that my wife was pregnant with twins.

"It's a case of conjoined twins, but the internal organs are one, with two heads and three arms," ​​said Dr. Surendra Sunkar, a pediatric specialist at Vidisha County Hospital.

"We are taking care of the child and will be referred to an advanced hospital for further treatment and possibly surgery.

We will take the opinion of the expert doctors at Bhopal and Delhi hospitals, who have already performed such surgeries."

Dr. Pratiba Ozwal said it was a difficult and complicated process because doctors did not expect full twins.

"This is my child and I will raise him and take care of him as he is, people say about him many strange things, but he is my child and I will take him home," says Singh.

"I have no money for surgery, but if the government helps me, I will ask them for surgery in the best hospitals," Singh said.

"As long as my son is alive, I will love him and take care of him."

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