Egypt: 73 video clips documented his wife's betrayal on his phone

September 17, 2020
The husband received on his phone, via the "WhatsApp" application, a set of pictures showing his wife naked The husband received on his phone, via the "WhatsApp" application, a set of pictures showing his wife naked Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Egyptian news vision: - In Kafr El-Sheikh governorate, a man received on his phone from unknown numbers 73 pornographic videos showing his wife having sex with several men.

The deceived husband submitted these videos to the Public Prosecution, and a technical committee was formed to examine these videos and make sure they are correct or fabricated.

The husband who works as a butcher accused his wife of adultery, noting that these clips were filmed in an Arab country, while his wife was abroad.

The husband recounted the details of the incident in the police report that he had received videos showing his wife naked in the arms of a person residing in the center of Riyadh, indicating that these clips were filmed in an Arab country, when she was working in a clothing factory, with the aim of posting them on social networking sites. To attract fun seekers.

The husband explained, in his statements, that he also received audio clips in the voice of his wife, in which she confesses that she has an illegal relationship with the second accused, who appears with her in the videos, while she was working abroad, and added that these clips and pictures were published on the social networking site "Twitter" .

The author indicated that he married the one who was accused of her rights 9 years ago, in 2011, and had two children with her, and due to the difficult living conditions, she persuaded him to travel to an Arab country to work in a clothing factory in 2017, and she spent a period of 5 months abroad, then she would get Take a two-month vacation.

The husband explained that in November 2019, he received on his phone through the application "WhatsApp" a set of pictures in which his wife appears naked, so he submitted an official report to the Internet investigators, indicating that his wife told him, at that time, that "the pictures were fabricated" after the theft Her phone while she was outside.

He added that after things returned to normal between them, his wife informed him that her stay in the Arab country was nearing an end, and that required her to travel to renew the residency and get her dues, and after his approval, he accompanied her to travel, and stayed with her for nearly 30 days, and during that period he monitored her work in the garment factory, And nothing appeared on her, so he returned to Kafr El Sheikh.

He said that at the end of Ramadan 2020, and after she got a leave, he received on his phone a message from an external number, in the same country in which she works, text chats between him and a person, containing sexual phrases, along with 73 pornographic videos, in which his wife appears with the same The person also received 135 voice calls and 49 conversations, proving that she had an illegal relationship with a number of people.

He added that the same messages were received by his brother on his phone, and then he went to the house to confront them, claiming that they were "fabricated", and he did not control his nerves and tried to kill her, in revenge for his honor, but some neighbors intervened in time, and his wife fled with their two daughters.

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