Experts concerned about the health of Pope Francis

February 28, 2021
Experts concerned about the health of Pope Francis Experts concerned about the health of Pope Francis

Dubai, Daily Times: - Health experts have expressed their concern about the health of Pope Francis in light of the Corona virus pandemic that is sweeping Iraq, especially that a great popularity will be found in his reception during his upcoming visit there.

These concerns escalated after the Vatican announced that its ambassador to Iraq, Archbishop Mitja Lescovar, who is a key figure in organizing the visit, was infected with the Corona virus, and entered quarantine.

The experts pointed out that studies show the dominance of the British dynasty, which has an increasing capacity to spread in Iraq now, and that no one would like to call on Pope Francis to cancel the visit, according to the "Russia Today" website.

They indicated that the Iraqi government is very interested in showing its relative stability by receiving the leader of the Catholic Church for the first visit of its kind, adding: “But from a purely epidemiological and public health point of view, experts say that the Pope’s visit to Iraq against the backdrop of the global pandemic is something other than desirable".

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