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Homosexuality provokes a crisis in the Israeli Knesset A bill to prevent the treatment of homosexuals in Israel

Homosexuality provokes a crisis in the Israeli Knesset

Egyptian News Vision: - Homosexuality caused a crisis within the Israeli Knesset, specifically between the "Blue and White" and the religious "Shas" parties, during the endorsement of the introductory reading of a draft law banning "treatments for homosexuality."

The Blue and White party, which is a partner in the coalition government, and two deputies from the Likud and a deputy from the Labor Party announced their support for the bill submitted by the leader of the opposition Meretz party, Nitzan Horovich.

As for the religious "Shas" party and partner in the government coalition, they said that they would not participate by voting in the general assembly for an indefinite period, while the religious "United Torah Judaism" party considered that the draft law violates the sanctity of the family and constitutes a violation of the coalition agreement, and considered that the support of the "Blue and White" party affects the law With the confidence granted to him, they demanded that the cooperation with them be stopped immediately.

The bill won the support of 42 deputies and 36 opposition.

A draft law banning "treatment of homosexual tendencies" at the hands of psychological experts, aims to prevent psychological and behavioral therapies aimed at converting sexual orientation of homosexuals into heterosexuals, and the law also imposes penalties on psychological experts who implement this treatment.

According to experts, this type of treatment leads to major psychological damage, which can lead to the degree of depression and suicide.

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