Saturday, 19 September 2020

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Italian diplomat in Algeria lodges a complaint against rooster The case of the rooster in Algeria

Italian diplomat in Algeria lodges a complaint against rooster

Algerians have launched a campaign to return a cock to its owner, who, after a complaint she lodged, was seized by the police at the Italian embassy in Algeria.

The Algerians demanded that the authorities return the rooster to her landlord, especially since he was left behind a family of chickens and four chicks.

Activists released a video clip in which the cock owner decried the police confiscation of the cock, demanding his return.

The owner of the rooster stated that the Italian diplomat complained that she was repeatedly disturbed by the rooster crowing, so she decided to file a complaint against him without warning.

The owner of the rooster said: The police took him to try him, and added: The rooster and his family were shouting "Qaq Qaq Qaq".

In solidarity with the owner of the cock, the Algerians launched "has released the rooster", and some sites reported that the police officers informed the owner of their lack of knowledge of the current location of the rooster.

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