Monday, 03 August 2020

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Mai Mohamed, a new Egyptian who joins Tik Tok girls Mai Mohamed is a new Egyptian girl who scratches public modesty

Mai Mohamed, a new Egyptian who joins Tik Tok girls

Egyptian News Vision: - An Egyptian lawyer submitted a communication to the Public Prosecutor against a girl named Mai Mohamed, accusing her of violating modesty, publicness, and tradition, and attached a CD in his communication, showing her displaying pornographic pictures through her account, and in one of the accounts she clarified that her account is linked to the “Mawoadha Adham” account.

He pointed out that the content of the complainant in her right includes a picture of her with a shame of modesty and a clear sexual suggestion.

The lawyer referred to several photos that the girl accused of abusing modesty had already posted on her account on the Instagram photo and video sharing site.

Mai Mohamed participated in a photo session, wrapping the American flag on a naked body, and a seashore.

She also published several photos dealing with alcohol.

Mai Mohamed from Alexandria Governorate, classifying herself as "Model" and "Blogger", has more than 53,000 followers on "Instagram", and she only tracks 43 accounts, most notably football players, Ahmed Fathi, Bin Sharqi, Trezeguet, and Ayman Ashraf. She used to publish bold pictures showing her in a highly exposed style, and publishing some of the videos that you dance through.


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