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Moroccan girls come to our country to work in prostitution Saudi journalist Fahid Al-Shammari said it and apologized

Moroccan girls come to our country to work in prostitution

Egyptian News Vision: - The Saudi journalist, Fahid Al-Shammari, retracted what he said about Moroccan girls, and said that he did not intend them when he said that they had come to his country to practice prostitution.

The Saudi journalist also accused the Moroccan economy of being based on sex tourism.

Fahid Al-Shammari's statements have angered the Kingdom of Morocco, because of the extensive bank transfers that come from Saudi Arabia by the Moroccans working there.

The Saudi journalist said that his country resides in it with only 30,000 Moroccans from the community.

However, financial transfers from Saudi Arabia to Morocco annually amount to 3 billion dirhams, which is due to the fact that Saudis who have ties with Moroccan girls, as he considered that the sons of his country are subjected to witchcraft The sorcery of the fact that Morocco is known for these practices.

Moroccan activists called on their country's authorities to take immediate action to stop these practices and to issue an official apology from Saudi Arabia to Morocco and its women because of the repeated insults.

Fahid al-Shammari retracted his statements and said that he did not mean Morocco when he referred to the country of Tarabish because the kingdom was not colonized by the Mongol Turks.

He added in a video posted on YouTube that Morocco is a country of honorable and honorable men, where he apologized for what he considered "spontaneous projections" issued by him towards Morocco.

He also affirmed that he does not bear any hatred of Moroccan society or his government, but rather that honorable Moroccan men and women, as he put it, have every respect and appreciation.

The Saudi media, Fahid Al-Shammari, came out in a video clip on YouTube, in which he said that the Moroccan economy is based on "sexual tourism", which sparked widespread controversy in the Kingdom, where Moroccan media outlets saw it as a deliberate abuse of Morocco.

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