Friday, 18 September 2020

T Take-off

Moroccan journalist Salma Aqsbi exposes a filmmaker, filming artists with secret cameras

Like the Egyptian director Khaled Youssef Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The Moroccan TV channel "Tele Maroc", Salma Aqsabi talked about a Moroccan director, as if talking about the Egyptian director Khaled Youssef in the scandal of filming girls and artists with secret cameras and in disruptive situations.

Salma Aqsabi did not name the director but sent a message to Moroccan artists in a Facebook post and said, "Sure, understand me."

Aksabi spoke of a director who lured girls home and filmed them in disruptive situations.

"I was impressed with your work, but I was shocked to learn that you were putting cameras in your house and in your bedroom," Salma said through a social media post. My eldest girls and some female artists warned: "Watch out."

I also sent a letter to this director and said: "You harassed me two years ago did not succeed in luring me, did not announce your name, but be aware you have children."

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