Nationalities for sale

October 15, 2016

Some states grant citizenship to any person in exchange for a sum of money "moderate" according to what it says these countries.

The price ranges between 100 thousand and 250 thousand dollars, the nationality of these countries and gain immediate and unconditional residence.

  • Dominican Islands: in 1993 raised nationality islands for sale for an amount of 100 thousand dollars, note the nationality of this state will allow you to enter more than seventy countries, including Switzerland and Britain without a visa.
  • Antigua and Barbuda: the archipelago, which is located in the Caribbean Sea offers sex in exchange for 250 thousand dollars, and should have asked her nationality, to spend five days in the country for an extended period of five years, this passport allows the holder access to more than 130 countries without a visa.
  • Grenada: nationality gives you access to 121 countries without a visa price of 250 thousand dollars, and can be obtained directly without conditions to stay.
  • Snat Kitts and Nevis: is another island suffered nationality on sale for $ 250 thousand and immediate،nationality gives you access to 132 countries without a visa.
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