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Religious prohibition in Egypt for “part-time” marriage

Monday, 23 August 2021
A doctrinal dispute in Egypt over the “part-time” marriage A doctrinal dispute in Egypt over the “part-time” marriage The opinion of the Egyptian Dar Al Iftaa on the “part-time” marriage

#Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- It seems that a new form of marriage has spread among the youth of Egypt, which prompted the Egyptian Dar Al-Ifta to intervene, and to express the opinion of the Islamic religion in the "part-time", "limited time" or "partial marriage".

Manipulation of the marriage formula often occurs among Muslim youth in Egypt, without prejudice to marriage between Christians, because they are committed to what the Gospel has brought, with the difference between sects between Orthodox and Catholics, and other Christian sects.

The Egyptian Dar Al-Ifta, according to the news of the ninth on mbc channel, warned of these phenomena, and called not to be drawn into calls for the modernity of terminology in marriage contracts.

In this regard, she emphasized that imposing a specific time on any marriage contract would invalidate the validity of this contract, make marriage forbidden, and would not have the legal effects of marriage.

Dr. Ahmed Karima, Professor of Comparative Jurisprudence at Al-Azhar University, had permitted this type of marriage contract in a telephone interview, on the “Discourse Thursday” program, and compared it to temporary marriage.

Sheikh Al-Azhari stressed, “He cannot prohibit or criminalize part time marriage, as long as the marriage contract fulfills the conditions and pillars, and this is not a temporary marriage, because this marriage is for a limited period of one or two months or more, and in this case the marriage is void.”