Saudi sports normalization, Israelis participate in the Dakar Rally 2021

January 17, 2021
Saudi sports normalization, Israelis participate in the Dakar Rally 2021 Saudi sports normalization, Israelis participate in the Dakar Rally 2021

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Once again, Israel embarrasses Saudi Arabia and announces an Israeli sporting participation in the kingdom, as revealed in late 2020, a secret meeting between the Saudi crown prince and Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Israeli Army Radio reported, "Gali Tashal", the 9 Israeli participant in the activities of the 43rd edition of the "Dakar Rally 2021" international car, which was launched in Saudi Arabia from 3 to 15 January 2021.

The radio reported that Israeli drivers participated in the Dakar Rally despite the ban on Israelis entering the kingdom.

Danny Pearl and Charlie Gottlieb, two Israeli drivers, ran the race as representing Belgium, and did not wear any specific symbols indicating that they are from Israel, according to the same source.

Army Radio added that 3 other Israeli contestants, Aviv Kadshay, Yizhar Armoni and Maoz Felder, also participated under the CRV team, which raises the American flag.

Two other Israeli drivers entered the Kingdom with Israeli passports, and took part under the auspices of the local company, "MYHERITEGE", which specializes in genetic testing.

The Israeli website Calicut, quoted the Israeli contestant, Kadchai, as saying: "Until the last minute, we did not know if we could compete." He added, "They managed to take us on a flight to Saudi Arabia, but we only received entry visas at Jeddah airport."

"We met with Saudi Minister of Sports Abdulaziz bin Turki Al-Faisal, but we received a clear message from the authorities through the race organizers not to place any flags on the cars or any mention of Israel," Kadchai continued.

According to the "Times of Israel" newspaper, Israel has long established secret relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, which have strengthened in recent years, in light of facing "common Iranian threats in the region."

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