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Saving a Syrian girl from her father's prison

Sunday, 15 August 2021
A Syrian man holds his daughter in an underground room A Syrian man holds his daughter in an underground room Confessions of a Syrian man holding his daughter underground

#Vision, Dubai United Arab Emirates:- The "Jdeidet Artouz" police station in Damascus countryside received a report that a father named "Adnan" had detained his daughter "Noor" years ago in an isolated room next to his house, half of it underground.

Following the report, the police found a girl in her thirties, detained inside the place, showing signs of pallor and psychological and physical fatigue.

The girl was released from her prison, transferred to the nearest medical point, given the necessary treatment, and her father was arrested.

By interrogating the father, he admitted that he held his daughter for several years because she was ill.

The necessary control was organized against the father, and he was referred to the competent judiciary; Noting that the girl is still receiving treatment at Qatana National Hospital, in Damascus countryside.