Sheikh Azhari responds to the idea of ​​"marriage experience"

January 17, 2021
Sheikh Azhari responds to the idea of ​​"marriage experience" Sheikh Azhari responds to the idea of ​​"marriage experience"

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- In a comment on "trial marriage", a Sharia researcher in the Sheikhdom of Al-Azhar in Egypt, Abu Al-Yazid Ali Salameh stressed that "whoever promotes the idea of" trial marriage "seeks fame and public follow-up, so meet God and do not trade in people's pain, so it is not permissible for us to take a path Forbidden to achieve the goal, as these ideas do not satisfy God, nor the Messenger of God, or even society. "

The researcher at Al-Azhar Sheikh also expressed his surprise at this issue, and pointed out that "it is customary for a person to rent an apartment for a specified period, so is it possible for a person to rent another person for a specific period?"

The idea of ​​“trial marriage” is based on “a civil contract shall be signed stipulating that the marriage period be specified for a specific period, be one, two years, or more, according to conditions that the spouses put in the contract, where they can stay with their families, and set a date for a meeting, provided that Divorce takes place after the expiration of the specified period. "

He asked, “What is the difference between this and illegal relations in exchange for some money?” While Abu Al-Yazid Ali Salama explained, “It is permissible in a legal marriage contract that there are conditions, but there are two conditions, such as the wife’s condition on the husband.

When marrying the other, which is permissible, and as for stipulating a period of contract, this nullifies the contract from the beginning, because it contradicts the meaning of marriage.

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