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The Bermuda Triangle in the Nile River swallowed the microbus

Tuesday, 12 October 2021
Egyptian security is looking for the fake accident, no cars, no bodies Egyptian security is looking for the fake accident, no cars, no bodies The Sahel Bridge accident in Cairo, a car fall or theft?

#international_vision, The accident of the fall of a minibus from the top of the coast bridge in the Nile River and the drowning of passengers (north of the capital Cairo), is still a great mystery, as the car and the victims were not found, only the iron that fell from the bridge wall.

Various Egyptian media outlets monitored a heavy security presence at the site of the accident, above and below the bridge, in the area where the microbus is suspected to have fallen. As well as the river rescue forces.

After the search, there were no corpses, no microbus, and no reports from the families of the absence of any of the victims.

And if a car had fallen, it would have settled in its place, because its weight and the current of water could not sweep it away, and evidence of this is the finding of the iron fence of the bridge, which was destroyed.

The river rescue forces continued their work for more than 24 hours, to no avail, and that if there were bodies that floated on the surface of the water during that period.

There are no surveillance cameras that can be used during the investigation process and thus reveal the mystery.

According to a number of fishermen and sellers located at the bottom of the bridge, who reported that no "microbus" fell into the water; They said that they are working in the area 24 hours a day, and they saw the arrival of the river rescue forces, and so far they have not found a report that a microbus has fallen with its passengers.

While a number of workers in the area indicated that the bridge was subjected to several incidents of thefts of the iron fence and sold to scrap dealers.