Thursday, 16 July 2020

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Egyptian News Vision: - Several stars from the UFC fighters have headed to the United Arab Emirates; To participate in four mixed martial arts events, between 11 and 25 July 2020, it begins a fight between the two champions Camaro Othman and Jorge Masvidal.

Egyptian News Vision: Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi opened the Baron Empain Palace after the completion of the two-year restoration process, a palace inspired by Indian architecture constructed by the Belgian millionaire Baron Edward Empain, "September 20, 1852 - July 22, 1929", at the end of the nineteenth century.

Egyptian News Vision: - The honorary professor of archeology at the University of Toledo, James Harrell, told Life Science that what the American researcher in archeology, Angela Miquel, announced about the discovery of two new sites for other pyramids in Egypt, but they are only wishes by an ignorant observer with excessive imagination.

Egyptian News Vision: - Egypt will gradually resume air traffic in all its airports with some countries, after the aircraft have been sterilized with some other precautionary measures, such as providing dry meals and canned drinks only, and banning the distribution of publications and folders on the plane.

Egyptian News Vision // "We can start thinking in the future that Galapagos will very soon become the first health-safe tourist destination," with these words, Vice-President of Ecuador, Otto Sonnenhalsner, announced that the islands listed on the UNESCO Heritage List will begin receiving tourists immediately.

Egyptian News Vision: The economic repercussions on the world due to the Corona virus cast a shadow over all areas, foremost of which is tourism that is linked to many sectors, and the most important sources of hard currency, so some countries were quick to announce the opening of their borders to tourism, with the first indicators of the decrease in the number of infections of the Corona virus.


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