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A visit to the Archeological Museum of Sousse Video, tour of the Sousse Museum

A visit to the Archeological Museum of Sousse

Tunisia - Sousse: - The Archeological Museum of Sousse, is a Tunisian museum founded in 1951, located in the city of Sousse, and was called ancient Hadramout.

The museum contains the largest mosaic collection in Tunisia, after the collection located in the National Museum of Bardo, in the Tunisian capital.

The museum is built on part of the old Kasbah, which was built in the ninth century, and is located in the ancient city of Sousse, listed on the World Heritage Site.

The museum contains an important collection of Roman mosaics covering the period between the second and fourth centuries.

It also includes several pieces, small statues, memorial paintings, pottery, and funerary attachments from archaeological excavations that were erected in archaeological sites in the Tunisian Sahel region, especially the ancient cities of Hadramaut, such as El-Jem and Salta.

The head of Medusa, which dates back to the second century, and represents this mythological object with radiant sculptural décor reminiscent of the hypnotic power of Medusa, in addition to the mosaic of the victory of Bacchus, and Zeus taking Ghanimades.

The museum was closed in 2011 as part of the restructuring, and it reopened on June 9, 2012.


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