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Egyptian diver holds his engagement ceremony underwater In the depths of the Egyptian waters of Dahab, two divers hold their engagement party

Egyptian diver holds his engagement ceremony underwater

Egyptian news vision: - Two Egyptian and Spanish divers held their engagement ceremony in the depths of the tourist city of Dahab in the Gulf of Aqaba at the Red Sea, southeast of the Sinai Peninsula, about 100 kilometers north of the famous resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

Egyptian diver, Saddam al-Kilani, decided to surprise his Spanish sweetheart, Beatriz Alonso, with an underwater engagement ceremony deep in the Sea of Dahab.

Al-Kilani's fiancée expressed her admiration for the idea, which she learned about two days before the ceremony while trying on a diving suit for the occasion.

The professional diver explains that holding an engagement party underwater is not a new idea, except that he decided to design custom diving clothes that fit the occasion of the engagement party, in the form of a suit and a dress.

Al-Kilani chose a site that fits with the idea of an underwater photography session, where he went to the water wearing a diving suit in the form of the groom's suit, hand in hand with the future bride, who was wearing a diving suit in the form of a white dress, to the depths of the Gulf of Aqaba to ask for her hand in a romantic scene that is rarely repeated.

Al-Kilani adds that he met his fiancée, who works as a doctor, during a diving trip in Dahab, at which time a friendship arose between them, which later turned into a happy love story.

In the depths of the sea, some divers from Kilani's friends went down to document the ceremony of the engagement of Kilani and Beatriz, who combined their love of diving in Dahab.

The Egyptian diver seeks to break the record for the longest underwater stay in the world in the depths of the sea in Dahab, after he got the title of "the longest underwater stay in Egypt and the Middle East" in 2015, according to Al Kilani.

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