In Finland: Polanka, the most depressing city, has made it a festival

December 02, 2019
In Finland: Polanka, the most depressing city, has made it a festival In Finland: Polanka, the most depressing city, has made it a festival Source de l'image: - google

Abu Dhabi, UAE (Egyptian News Vision) Polanka, a small town in central Finland, when you approach it you find a yellow fence on the road, with a warning: «You are about to enter Polanka, you still have time to turn around and turn your backs».

Polanka has transformed depression into a brand by organizing a festival of depression, music shows and even an online store, with comic signs of depression, prepared by the Association of the Depressed in Poland, headed by Tommy Ragala.

Videos posted on social networks about depression in Poland have thousands of views, and have transformed the city's habitual feeling into a brand to attract tourists.

On any afternoon of the week, the city center is quiet and silent.

The bus comes six times a week from Oulu, a small town 130 km away.

In Polanka, you can find two markets, a pharmacy and a gas station, where locals meet to chat and have coffee, and there is only one restaurant serving lunch.

Most of the population is employed in the service sector or in agriculture.

Why did a small and remote Finnish rural town choose this identity? What is the meaning of being the focus of depression?

The bleak slogan of the city of Polanka originated as a result of the demographic change affecting that city, a demographic decline that led to negative press coverage.

As in other developed countries, birth rates in Finland are declining and the population is aging, making it look bleak compared to neighboring Sweden.

The latest report from the Statistics Authority of Finland predicted that the population will begin to decline in 2031, raising concerns about the impact on the social security system and health.

Polanka is among the cities that will see a decline in its population, and Ragala calls it "the most isolated Finnish town in the most isolated province in the country."

The city has a population of about 2,600 people, 37% of whom are over 64 years old. Its population has declined by half since 1980, while large urban centers continue to attract young people who leave small rural towns.

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