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Ireland's coast: - A job on an island that doesn't want tourists The people of the island protect them from strangers and do not want to market them

Ireland's coast: - A job on an island that doesn't want tourists

Great Placet Island - Atlantic Ocean: - The job of supervising a cafe on an island that does not have electricity and internet services, and the duration of work is from the first of April to the first of October 2020, with a guarantee of free accommodation and food for a man and his wife, in addition to free enjoying the scenic views.

This campus is available on the island of "Great Placet", located in the Atlantic Ocean off the western coast of Ireland.

Alice Hayes posted the ad about this post on Twitter, and said: "Maybe it's a difficult and a little difficult but very unique ... it goes back to the basics of life; fire, candles, ovens, wildlife and nature. No day is like the next or previous day at all." .

The superintendent or café-manager will also have to manage 3 country houses for up to 21 people, and provide tea, coffee and snacks to visitors. The water is boiled in boilers on regular gas stoves, while wind "turbines" generate enough electricity to charge the phones.

The sponsors of the café last year: Leslie Kiho and Gordon Bond, a married couple who resigned from their posts; they moved to the island, which they considered an "opportunity of a lifetime".

At the end of their period of work, they stopped posting photos and messages on social media, noting the harsh responses they received, and they said: "People here are keen on protecting the island, and they accuse us of marketing it, saying: We will attract more tourists to it and destroy it, as they criticize us, because we do not We speak Irish. "

Leslie Kehoe added that the comments affected her, but said: "Being on the island was an ideal experience."...

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