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Lakes of the Sultanate of Oman A product of the wonders of nature in Oman

Lakes of the Sultanate of Oman

Egyptian News Vision: - In the eastern region of the Sultanate of Oman, after Hurricane Gonu struck the earth, some small archipelagos were formed in the areas surrounded by water, and many dry marshes were covered with water, which are areas isolated from the sea, which led to the emergence of bacteria and fungi, which had absorbed oxygen from these Lakes; their water turns pink.

These lakes look like art paintings woven into water on earth canvas.

This color does not last for a long time, especially after the rain or the arrival of sea waves to these lakes, where the water of the lakes is cleaned of fungi, to be subsequently supplied with oxygen.

After examining the place more than once, the color of the water also changes according to the angle of the sun, which results in the formation of green lakes as well.

Naturally, the pink color is the first thing that attracts the viewer, but behind this landscape lies other aesthetic elements, such as the relationship of water to the vast drought that covers the surrounding land.


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