Qatar announces a new archaeological discovery in the Aseela cemetery

January 13, 2021
A camel and her baby inside a stone room connected to a human cemetery A camel and her baby inside a stone room connected to a human cemetery

Dubai United Arab Emirates: The Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Qatar Museums Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani said that archaeological remains were discovered in the Al-Asila cemetery, one of the oldest historical sites in Qatar, in a cemetery dating back to the period between the years 300 BC and 300 AD.

The Antiquities Department team at Qatar Museums found the skeleton of a camel and its baby buried as a sacrifice in a stone room connected to a human cemetery in Al-Aseela Cemetery, in the State of Qatar.

She added, "The Qatar Museums Antiquities Department team was able to discover the remains of important figures who were buried in large tombs carefully built at the top of a hill, with some of their private possessions, such as a sword, some metal tools and gold earrings."

"The human remains will undergo advanced anthropological and molecular analyzes, including the study of ancient genetic material. This process aims to understand the migration patterns and dietary habits of people who lived in this region in ancient times," she added.

And she continued: The skeleton of a camel and its young woman was also found buried as sacrifices in a stone room connected to a human cemetery. The camel was buried in a natural resting position with its legs bent under its body. In an indication that the camel was taken to the burial pit, and he was blessed by those who took it, and then it was slaughtered along with its little one.

She concluded: This amazing discovery will provide new information about camel breeding and its uses, as well as about the rituals followed in the Arabian Peninsula before Islam. A similar tomb was uncovered at al-Mazroua in 1961.

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