Tunisia - Sousse: - The Ribat of Sousse, built in the late eighth century A.D., was built by the Aghlabid prince, Ibrahim al-Akbar, and after him Prince Amir Ziadullah came, and he ordered his rebuilding and expansion of the first fort. It was constructed on two floors, one lower and one upper, with thirty rooms for the residence of the Almoravids, in addition to a bathroom and a group of toilets.

The Jameh Mosque was built on the upper floor of Rabat, to enable residents of this historic landmark to perform the prayers.

The mosque has several knit arches, and is the first mosque in the city of Sousse. It was renovated in 821 AD by Ziyadatullah.

As for his architectural style, it is inspired by the style promoted by the Byzantines, as they preceded the Arab conquerors to this African land.

Old building materials occupied the largest share of this bond.

Rabat was influenced by Byzantine architecture and built from clamshell sandstone, granite and marble Behind the impenetrable walls, with their terraces and the watchtower above them, the two-storey building opens onto a courtyard surrounded on all sides by arched porticos.

It is one of the most beautiful regular laces along the coast of North Africa.

These castles served as gears against raiders from behind the sea.

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Tunisia with a historical nature, located in the east of the city on the Mediterranean coast.

If you love architecture, you should go through it and watch its corners.

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