Statistics of the World Tourism Organization for the fastest growing tourist countries

United Nations World Tourism Organization According to a statistic conducted by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the number of outbound trips for 2019 has increased by 4% over 2018, bringing the number to 1.5 billion in 2019.

The ranking of countries according to the statistics was as follows:

France - more than 90 million visitors

Spain - 83.8 million.

However, the most interesting statistics relate to countries that witnessed the highest jump in visitor numbers on an annual basis, including Egypt, where it ranked sixth among the 20 most developed tourism destinations.

Myanmar led the group, seeing a 40.2% increase in visitors, followed by Puerto Rico (31.2%) and Iran (27.9%), although Tehran is likely to suffer a decline in 2020, due to political conditions.

Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan also ranked first among the 20 fastest growing destinations.

Egypt saw a 21.1% increase in visitor numbers, Turkey 14% and Tunisia 13.6%.

The Caribbean also saw a return after recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Irma in 2017 - visits by Angela, Saint Martin, Dominica and the US Virgin Islands increased dramatically.

Sri Lanka witnessed an 18% decrease in the number of tourists, due in large part to the terrorist attacks on Easter.

Hong Kong saw an 18.8% drop after protests and social unrest.

Visitor numbers in the United States decreased by 1.3%, while the United Kingdom saw an increase of 1.7%.

As for the region that witnessed the largest growth, it is the Middle East, where it reached 8%; while the Americas were the lowest in 2%.

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