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Saturday, 02 May 2020 17:36

The four rams statues in central Cairo

Inside wooden crates Inside wooden crates

Cairo, the Egyptian news vision: While awaiting the opening of the symbol development project in the center of the Egyptian capital, the four ancient rams statues will be seated in wooden boxes, until Meditation Square decorates them.

These statues, which were moved from the southern governorate of Luxor for restoration, may await a judicial ruling in cases that may be raised from those who refuse to put these artifacts in the center of Cairo, due to the environmental pollution that might harm them.

Tahrir Square, which witnessed the January 25, 2011 revolution that toppled the late President, Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, and also the June 30, 2013 revolution that toppled the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood and Mohamed Morsi, has become one symbol and has been under tight security control since those events.

The Egyptian President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, welcomed the idea of transporting the four rams statues to Tahrir Square.

Egypt is working to build an antiquities museum near the Pyramids area in Giza, and this museum will probably be an opportunity to relocate some of the monuments piled into the Tahrir Museum.

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