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The most beautiful tourist areas in Ukraine Carpathian National Nature Park, Lviv, Chernobyl, Chernivtsi, Odessa, and the villages of Zovkva and Crikev

The most beautiful tourist areas in Ukraine

Tourism in Ukraine has a special glamor, and the capital Kiev in particular, because of its churches with complex architectural details, and pedestrian streets remind you of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Long Carpathian Mountains, waterfalls full of woods, and wooden churches built without nails by the original Hutsul people.

If you will visit Ukraine, offer you the most beautiful places to visit there.

The western half of Ukraine is experiencing greater tourist traffic than the eastern half, providing a more modern look in cities such as Kiev and Lviv.

While the East, on the border with Russia, lives largely to date in the Soviet past.

The Dnieper River effectively divides the country into two halves from Chernobyl, in the north on the border of Belarus, and through Kiev and beyond to Odessa and the Black Sea.

A full-day drive takes you north-west from Odessa, along the borders of Moldova, to the cosmopolitan city of Chernivtsi, to the Carpathian Mountains, where you can continue to Lviv.

Ukraine is also well-placed for flights to Moldova and Belarus to explore this largely undiscovered part of Eastern Europe.

 Carpathian National Park of Nature:

You can reach the Alps, pine forests, firs and beeches on the Carpathian Mountains through the tourist attraction of Yaremche.You will not only find yourself among the magnificent waterfalls, such as the Chalali Hawk and Probi, but also the Dovebosch rock sculptures and wooden churches immersed in the traditional Hutsul culture.

If you stay in a guest house in a village, you will learn more about folklore and the deeply rooted food in the Carpathians.


Located among the Carpathian hills on the Prut River, Chernivtsi is one of the cultural centers of Ukraine with a collection of theaters, museums and architectural luxury dating back to the days of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The UNESCO-listed Chernivtsi World Heritage site is certainly worth a visit, although sitting in a theater square with a slice of cellulose cherry candy can be equally pleasurable.


The Chernobyl disaster of 1986 still highlights the nuclear industry to this day.

Today, the theater of the world's worst nuclear accident is a safe site for visitors. The guided tours take you to the nearby village of Pripyat, which residents have to evacuate in the blink of an eye. Now, it stands painfully abandoned, and nature is surprisingly dominant.


You can not visit Ukraine without going to Kiev on a night trip by train across the border from Minsk, or by using the highway from Lviv to reach it in a distinctive way.

The Cathedral of St. Sophia, the Krishtik Street, the Independence Square, the Lavra Cave Monastery, the wooden windmills, and the churches of the Pirohev Folk Museum explain Kiev to open and offer what lies inside.


Life is taking place at the Lviv Center, which is classified by UNESCO, in a stage paved with large stones, opposite the scenes of Renaissance architecture and marketplaces decorated with statues and fountains.

Elsewhere, Lviv offers an excellent Jewish heritage, parks and green gardens, covered by the shadows of Mount High Castle and St. George's Cathedral. Lviv is a cultural wedding that has not yet been visited by large crowds.


An evening train takes you from Lviv to Odessa via a cultural crossroads linked to the Black Sea, deeply connected to the Soviet Revolution and Russia. Odessa unearths limestone catacombs, 12th-century shabu vineyards, coastal fortifications in Belhorod-Dnistrovsky, as well as the Opera House, Potemkin Staircase and Memorial Glory Alley.

 The villages of Zovkva and Krikev:

As the only city in Ukraine that does not use gas (prefer wood heating rather than gas), Zovkva knows one or two things about progressive policies.

However, the historic sites of the Holy Trinity Wooden Church, the largest building in the city, and the Zvikva Castle can be found, which most tourists come to see.

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