Viking Ships museum in Norway

November 10, 2020
Endless points of convergence between land and water in creative landscape paintings from within the "Viking Ships" museum in Norway Endless points of convergence between land and water in creative landscape paintings from within the "Viking Ships" museum in Norway Photo source: - Compilation of news visibility from Google

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Vision Egypt News: The "Viking Ships" museum in a peninsula several kilometers away from the Norwegian capital, Oslo, contains ships that were built 800 years ago by the "Vikings", who are the original inhabitants of Norway who were also scattered in Denmark and Sweden, as well as the Faroe Islands, the island of Ireland and the state Iceland.

The "Vikings" museum contains many marine artifacts, as well as three ships that are still in good condition called "Tuna", "Oseberg" and "Yukstad".

The "Vikings" are the invaders of the North and they represent a group of the inhabitants of the Scandinavian region, as they were distinguished by the use of long warships of the type known as "Vikings" ships.

The interest of the Vikings in hunting and piracy motivated them to build many ships through which they crossed the European seas, reached North America and the Mediterranean, and controlled vast areas by virtue of their physical strength and patience with the harsh weather conditions that they were accustomed to in their countries.

In addition to the carriages used by the "Vikings" people in the past, this museum displays to visitors, foreign tourists and those coming to the capital, Oslo, artifacts excavated by the Norwegians from the "Vikings" graves located in the "Bora" region.

Visitors also enjoy seeing and discovering many examples of jewelry, textiles, war tools, household items and weapons.

They are ships used by the tough "Vikings" and warriors at sea for about a thousand years, including the "Fram" ship, which was used extensively in the polar regions.

Among the exceptions of this ancient Norwegian people is that when one of the richest of them leaves life, his body is placed in a ship with his personal belongings next to it, and the ship is buried in the ground or burned.

Norway intends to build a new museum for the "Vikings" era in order to make this history constantly present, as it was recently announced that a global architecture competition will be organized to present models for the new "Viking Age" museum in the "Bigdue" area of ​​the capital, Oslo.

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