Dubai, United Arab Emirates: - Tunisian Nermin Safar apologized for her bold movements during a dance link that she broadcast live on Facebook and said that she did not know that the camera filmed her whole body, and that when she danced she wandered and did not know what was happening around her, and she deleted the video .

Her followers attacked her when she made a move that showed sensitive places in her body during a dance show that she presented to her followers during the quarantine period, as she has been doing since the outbreak of the Corona virus pandemic, in order to break the monotony of quarantine among Tunisians.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- An accident occurred on a downtown Oakland street, caused by a helicopter carrying a huge air conditioner with wires, causing panic in the middle of the street.

The air cooler escaped from the wires and fell to the ground, causing panic and the escape of the people who were present.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:- Scientists at Virginia Tech University are working on deciphering the mystery of flying snakes, and the journal "Nature Physics" published the results of the researchers ’study on the movement of flying snakes.

The scientists recorded the movements of snakes inside the laboratory using high-speed and accurate video cameras, and it was found that part of their way of flying and gliding lies in the flattening of their bodies in addition to wave-like movements. Which means that flying snakes appear to be swimming in the air while they are gliding.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:-- A training session for the Chinese People's Armed Police Force, which nearly turned into a disaster, when the training included bomb-throwing.

The soldier was receiving instructions from his trainer about throwing the grenade, but it fell and rolled between the feet of the soldiers before the trainer caught the trainer and jumped behind a sandbag cover to avoid the bomb shrapnel during the explosion.

Dubai United Arab Emirates:-- A British woman named Lynn Whitfield found a secret room in the basement of her home containing many valuable and psychological things as if it were a "gold mine".

Lynn and Tifeld posted a TokTok video that displays a number of old books from rare first editions and documents and records of unknown content.

Egyptian news vision: In one of the villages in the New Valley Governorate in southwestern Egypt, it was the western phenomenon that terrified the local population, and led them to wonder about the reason behind this.

Blue and red flames emerged from the ground, causing concern among the residents and the biting spoke of signs of a volcano eruption.

Egyptian news vision: - A young Saudi named "Abdullah" appeared in a video on the Snapchat application and claimed that he was the son of Hind Al-Qahtani, but he disowned her after she caused his father's death with a stroke.

The young man was crying about his relationship with Hind Al-Qahtani, indicating that she does not recognize him for family reasons.

Egyptian news vision: - One of the photographers said that he saw a group of men removing the metal structure that appeared in the American Utah desert; And he heard them say, "Leave no traces."

The man was on a visit to the temple site with his friends to take pictures of the shining metal pole, and after completing the mission, he heard sounds coming to the place.

Egyptian news vision: - Surveillance cameras on the streets of Japan recorded the scene of a meteor falling from the sky, turning night into day when it ignited before it reached Earth.

The scene was reported by the media and social networking sites, where the meteor glow after it penetrated the airspace and the light emitted from it was sufficient to turn the darkness of night into day ..

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