With pictures and video, the American traveler Gordon Taylor visits Egypt

The American traveler, Gordon Taylor, from Miami, USA, lives in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, who loves adventure, travel and tourism around the world. She left her home in January 2016 to travel and explore the world. She never imagined all the adventures and experiences she was waiting for. To Egypt at the age of ten to discover what she described as "passion" in Egyptology.

She visited several countries, most notably: Egypt - Dubai - Morocco - New York - Australia - Thailand - Santorini - China - Tokyo - Guatemala - Mexico - Romania - Hong Kong.

"I dream of going to a lot of places, but Egypt is something special. I can not wait to film and explore more of this wonderful country," said the American traveler, her videos from Egypt, entitled "I Will Live in Egypt for a Month" and "Inside the Pyramids".

Jordan Taylor said she was happy to visit Egypt and said that she studied ancient Egyptian civilization at a young age. She said she was excited about her presence in Egypt, where Egypt was one of the ancient civilizations. I visited many countries but there is something different in Egypt.

 "I was shocked after her stay in a hotel near the pyramids," she said. "Before her visit to Egypt, she was scared. But after the visit, the archaeological sites in Egypt were discovered amazing. The Egyptians treat the foreigners with affection and love.

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With pictures and video, the American traveler Gordon Taylor visits Egypt
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