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Video, Saad Al-Majard’s case, a new chapter revealed by the French victim

A new chapter of the case of Moroccan singer Saad Al-Majard, published by the French girl "Laura Briol", which accused him of rape, a video, through "YouTube", in which she talked about the details of what happened, noting that she did not make any statements throughout this period for fear of her safety and the safety of her family "she said.

"I was in a bar where Saad Al-Majard was calling me. We spent some time and offered to accompany him to a disco and I agreed ... but then he suggested that I go to a hotel, because the dance was a place," Laura said. Not good .. We had a young man and a girl we agreed to join us at the hotel. "

In the hotel room she says: "We started to dance and suddenly he tried to kiss me and ran my face, but it bothered him. He hit me hard and raped me. I entered the toilet. When I came back to the room, where were my things. I wanted to use my phone. He asked me why I was crying and what caused my wounds. The snow to heal my bruise, I took my things, and I said to him: You are a monster. "

"When he heard this, he pushed me to bed. I tried to push him by Saad Al-Majard on his throat. He also squeezed my throat. I felt strangled, he was stronger than me. I could not breathe. I felt like I was dying ... I left the room, The manager of the hotel was dressed after the clothes were torn completely, then the police came and we were taken to the station. They took us to the hospital and underwent DNA tests.

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