two nurses throw a person on the sidewalk at a temperature below zero
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Video, two nurses throw a person on the sidewalk at a temperature below zero

Russia, medicine in Russia, Two Russian nurses got rid of an injured person in the foot, bouncing on the sidewalk in a temperature near zero, according to surveillance cameras on the streets opposite the hospital.

Hospital in the southwestern city of Sochi. According to the video posted by the Daily Mail on its site, the two nurses appeared pushing a man sitting in a wheelchair outside hospital No. 4 in Sochi, and then disappeared behind a car, and then returned to the chair without the man.

Then a group of people appeared around the man, who was lying on the floor bleeding from a wound in his leg, and finally an ambulance appeared, as paramedics prepared to carry the man.

"Hospital No. 4 expelled the nurses after the video appeared on the social media sites and investigated them, and the emergency doctor who was in charge at the time of the incident is being investigated," the Daily Mail quoted the director of health in Sochi, Marina Vartazarian.

The two nurses claimed in the investigation that the man had arrived in the leg and was asked to leave the hospital. A friend was waiting outside the hospital and when they did not find the friend.

But the investigations revealed that the two nurses had deliberately dislodged the victim because of the difficulty of dealing with him.

"He asked the nurses how to put him on the pavement at a temperature approaching zero," one of them said. "Take him if you want, we do not need him."

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