Video: The expulsion of 9 players in a football match

Brazil, The derby between the clubs of Vitoria and Bahia saw the expulsion of nine players from both teams.

The match ended with a decision from the referee after the 32nd minute of the second half; after a fight between the players of the two teams mentioned.

According to Deutsche Presse-Agentur dpa, five players from Vitoria have won the red card, leaving only six players remaining in the stadium, one less than the minimum legally required to be played.

The feud broke out after Vinicius, the Bahia captain, scored the equalizer for his side, who were late for a 1-0 draw.

The player celebrated his goal against the Vitoria fans, which was interpreted by the players as a kind of insult and provocation.

It was Vitoria goalkeeper Fernando Miguel who sparked a fight between the players after going to Venecius and blaming him for his provocative celebration.

Immediately after that, there was a big fight between the two players, and the game was suspended for 16 minutes.

The three players were dismissed from Vitoria: Kano, Reinhiner and Denilson. The red card for four players from Bahia was also mentioned: Lucas Fonseca, Vincius, Rodrigo Paico and Edison.

But the referee decided to expel two other players from Vitoria, Uilean Correa, because of his violent intervention against one of the opposing players, and to help save time; only six players remain on the pitch; The match was canceled.

Television footage revealed that the quarrels had moved into the stands; a battle broke out between Bahia fans.

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The expulsion of 9 players in a football match
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