Learn about 5 missing cities around the world
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Learn about 5 missing cities around the world

Do you know the five most interesting abandoned settlements from the ancient ruins to the modern ghost towns: Angamuku - Mexico, Gedi - Kenya, Tirmisos - Turkey, Muhingo Daru - Pakistan, and Pripyat - Ukraine

Two weeks ago, laser research revealed the true size of the ancient city of Anjamaco in Western Mexico.

For a city that was built around 900 BC and may have a population of 100,000. It contained pyramids, road systems, farms for vegetables and football fields.

This city was the capital of the Boripchas, the rivals of the Aztec.

Both civilizations died out in the sixteenth century when the Europeans transferred to them typhoid-like diseases that they had no immunity against.

 Gedi - Kenya

Gedi - Kenya On the Indian Ocean coast, 65 miles from Mombasa through green forests, this settlement is believed to have been discovered in the 12th century.

 The city of Gedi had advanced features, such as running water and sanitation of latrines.

Archaeologists have found Chinese Ming vases and Venetian glass at the site, indicating that the city was an important commercial center, but its abandonment after five centuries remains a mystery.

Tremysos - Turkey

Alexander the Great resembled the city of Tremysus - a thousand meters above the mountain - the eagle, and although it was closed in 333 BC, it failed to occupy it.

The highlight of the city is the Roman-style theater, which can accommodate 4 or 5 thousand spectators. The city was abandoned around 200 BC, when an earthquake destroyed its main waterway.

 Muhenjo Daru - Pakistan

It was discovered around 2500 BC. This urban community in the Sindh Valley is characterized by a network of streets and a complex water drainage system. The city seems to have no palaces, temples or monuments.

The city flourished by about 40,000 people who lived on the fertile plains and trade with Mesopotamia, but the reasons for its collapse since 1900 BC remain a mystery.

 Pripyat - Ukraine

After the explosion of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor number four in April 1986, and the emission of deadly radioactive concentrations in the atmosphere, many nearby communities were evacuated, including Pripiat.

The city was once inhabited by 49,000 people. It was built to house the nuclear reactor workers. Three decades later, this city, represented by the remnants of Soviet culture, is inhabited by deer, deer, pigs, mules, wolves and thieves. You can now take a tour of the city, supplemented by radiological examination when you leave.

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