So death spreads in the human body, video

How does death spread in the cells of the body ?, a question researchers at the University College of London were able to answer. They were able to capture the death of worm cells and compared what happens to human death due to aging.

Death is an inevitable process for all living things, but death of the body is not the same in all living organisms. In humans, a condition known as "organ stiffness" occurs hours after death, making the body Solid, before ultimately limping, but in a kind of worms, called a "round worm", cell death begins while the worm is still alive.

The scientists picked up a video at the moment of cell death in the worms, which is still alive, showing how the body stiffens when cells die, opening the way to understanding the process of death when it relates to aging in humans.

In the video, the researchers used a blue phosphorus material whose rapid spread revealed how death spreads from one cell to another "like a house burning or wildfire."

Human consciousness continues after death

In October 2017, scientists discovered that human consciousness continues to function after the body stops showing signs of life, meaning that the dead know of their death, and there is evidence that a dead person may hear until the doctors announce his death.

A team from the University of New York studied the people who suffered from cardiac arrest and "returned" to life.

"These people were able to describe the doctors and nurses who were with them in the room," Dr. Sam Barnier told the Science Life website. "They discovered the full conversations between doctors and nursing staff and everything that was happening around them," doctors and nurses confirmed. that".

The researchers explain that death occurs when the heart stops working, thus interrupting the flow of blood to the brain.

Once that happens, the brain stops functioning, but brain cells take hours to die, which makes a person feel what is happening.

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So death spreads in the human body, video
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