Latifa, 32, said she was one of 30 sons of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, one of three sisters with the same name Latifa.
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Video: The escape of the daughter of the ruler of Dubai with the help of a French spy

Arab Emirates/ There has been a new development in the case of the escape of Princess Latifa, son of Dubai's ruler, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, with the help of a French spy.

A video was posted shortly after Latifa sent a phone message to a support group saying she was on a yacht off the coast of India and that the yacht was being attacked by gunmen.

This was followed by silence.

An article by Richard Spencer, a reporter for The Times for the Middle East, titled "The Princess of Dubai Video Mystery," which was abducted by her father, said an evolution occurred on the princess's mystery when the yacht appeared with two of her friends on board.

Harvey Joubert, 62, a former French spy and owner of the US-registered yacht Norstrom, was able to send a message to his wife saying he was "fine and on the way home."

The ship's data show that he left the port of Dubai towards the Indian Ocean.

Tina Yohianian, 41, a Finnish personal trainer and friend of Sheikha Latifa, said she was on an Emirates Airlines flight to London. Where they boarded a plane bound for Finland, according to a support group called "Detained in Dubai."

Spencer says the three were detained at the request of authorities in Dubai.

Latifa, 32, said she was one of 30 sons of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, one of three sisters with the same name Latifa.

She showed her video card in support of her novel.

Latifa said in the video that her row with her father began in 2001, when her elder sister Shamsa tried to escape.

It is reported that Sheikha Shamsa fled the family home in Surrey, Britain, then was tracked and found, and was taken by private plane to Dubai.

She says she stood next to Sheikha Shamsa, tried to escape, was then jailed for three years, tortured and injected with drugs, but gave no details of her escape.

The Finnish foreign minister issued a statement saying that his compatriot "Yohanan" was fine, and stopped investigations into her disappearance.

Neither the UAE embassy nor the Dubai government responded to the paper's demands to comment on the case.

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