Video is likely suicide Moroccan artist Wiam Dahmani and the cause of her death
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Video is likely suicide Moroccan artist Wiam Dahmani and the cause of her death

The death of the Moroccan artist, Wiam Dahmani left a sinking in the hearts of lovers and friends in the artistic and social, and even raised question marks around.

Wa'am al-Dahmani's followers on social media sites posted a video of her shortly before her death, talking about her face-to-face pressures in life, referring to her attempt to commit suicide because of those pressures.

On Sunday, Dahmani went on a sudden heart attack in her car in Abu Dhabi at the age of 34.

Many linked the words of Wa'am al-Dahmani to the pressures she was subjected to, and the heart attack that was said to have caused her death, and what made it more confusing was that she announced a week ago via her official account on "Entgram" about the offer of her apartment in Dubai for rent.

Sources revealed that there was a great possibility, to submit the body of the artist Wiam al-Dahmani for a medical autopsy, to ascertain the cause of her death.


According to the same sources, the authorities in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, told her family to undergo an autopsy, to ascertain the cause of the real death.

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