Video, beggar on a Qatari plane

Revealed a video about a scandal in the world of aviation, the strangest position you could see on a passenger plane, when a middle-aged man stood in the passenger corridor between the passengers and grabbed a bag as he begged money from the passengers.

The British newspaper "Daily Mail" said: "This strange situation happened on the Qatar Airways plane and is preparing to take off from Doha airport to the Iranian city of Shiraz, recorded by the camera of a passenger.

According to the video, a middle-aged man wearing a giraffe and a turban appeared standing in the corridor between the passengers holding a bag and asking people for money, and immediately the crew rushed on the plane trying to alert the passenger to sit down to take off.

Strangely enough, some passengers stretched out his hand with money and put it in the bag amid the crew's insistence on the man's sitting.

The newspaper revealed that the man of Iranian nationality.

The Daily Mail says it has continued with Qatar Airways to comment and explain what happened.

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