French rap artists Bupa and Karis jailed (video) French rap artists Bupa and Karis jailed (video)
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French rap artists Bupa and Karis jailed (video)

French pop artists Popa (41) and Karis (38) were jailed temporarily for a violent fight at Orly airport.

The President of the Court ordered the imprisonment of nine other accomplices of artists, citing the continuing hostility between the two groups and the possibility of new confrontations and the need to protect everyone.

The court is likely to be sentenced to seven years' imprisonment and a fine of 100,000 euros.

Bupa and Caris were to take a plane from Orly to Barcelona to celebrate a concert, but before boarding the plane, their companions battled in front of the passengers.

The Paris Airport Authority has filed a complaint "to disrupt the public order with moral and material damage" and "endanger the lives of others" as the fight prevented a security cordon from being placed on an abandoned suitcase, the Monte Carlo International website reported Saturday (August 4th, 2018).

R France has filed another complaint for damage caused by the delay of several flights of about 8,500 euros.

The company, which runs free-market stores, filed a complaint, citing damage of 54,000 euros.

The two artists were at the start of a public war of words in popular neighborhoods that in recent years turned into a confrontation through social media.

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