Cardy Pi hits Nikki Minag with her shoes on her face Cardy Pi hits Nikki Minag with her shoes on her face
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A shoe fight between Cardi B and Nicky Minag and Fawz el-Fahd expose them

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates/ There was a brawl between the two singers, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, while in New York. The Fascistista Fawz el-Fahd filming and exposing the quarrel.

Cardy P. Nicky Minag was kicked in the shoe, and bodyguards intervened to prevent friction between them. The cheetah win was in the New York Fashion Week and filmed the fight and posted it on Snape Chat.

The reason for the quarrel is that Nicky Minag talked about Kalsher, the daughter of Cardi Bey, inappropriately, and the latter was unable to maintain her nerves.

The police intervened to resolve the quarrel and was taken out of Cardi B, barefoot and in front of her injury to the top of the left eyebrow, after receiving a blow from the guard of the latter when the clash between them.

"She has a lot of obstacles in her life and some people try to ruin her work, but when it comes to talking about my child, I treat her as a mother protecting her daughter," said Cardy P. about the incident through Ingestram.

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