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Video: Kalam Renouche, Call for Women to Use Robot Man

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates:- Robots appeared in pornographic films recently both male and female and appeared to have been found in Europe especially for women's robot, but it seems that sexual boredom in Arab countries and conservative societies will open room for the promotion of these types of robots.

Rania Badawi An Egyptian woman published a video calling on Egyptian women to dispense with natural men and compensate them with robots.

The video that carries the ironic tone of ED for Egyptian men carries with it a real call to use this robot.

She even advised Egyptian women to use robots in housework and explained their advantages.

An Egyptian lawyer filed a complaint against the media, Rania Badawi, accusing her of incitement to immorality and immorality because of this video.

According to the communiqué, the information was transmitted through social media sites through a video channel called Kalam Renouche, in which divorced and widowed women were invited to buy the "sexual robot."

The author attached a CD that revealed that Rania was inciting hatred and immorality.

The author asked the Attorney-General to refer Rania to investigate the crime that took place against the Egyptian woman and even the community.

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