Switzerland - Zurich Airport: - Because of the "Kiara" storm, which ravaged several European countries, the air traffic lived in confusion, and the planes oscillated, which made the travelers feel dismayed and terrified, and one of these horrific cases was detected and photographed.

In this video, the planes witnessed a serious wobble, especially those that were preparing to take off or land at the Zurich International Airport.

It appears that the force of the storm and the wind speed that accompanied it, greatly affected the aircraft, which caused passengers to experience real moments of terror.

The storm, which meteorologists called "Kiara", has caused winds of up to 129 km per hour, in addition to heavy rains.

Kiara has issued weather warnings, in addition to canceling train, air and cruise trips, and a number of sports and cultural events.

The storm swept countries in western Europe, such as Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland, and with the uncontrolled path of the current European storm, it is expected to lead to unexpected losses to the economies of these countries.

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